5 Simple tips for travellers relying on their credit card complimentary travel insurance

  1. Be sure to activate your travel insurance! As a rule it means that you will have to pay for your airline tickets with your credit card. Some cards may be more lenient than the others though requiring only a partial payment (ref to product disclosure statement for details).
  2. Check what is covered and cover limits. Many credit cards only cover international trips, though some do offer domestic inconvenience cover to cardholders. Business trips are usually not covered.
  3. Check excesses as they may render the whole insurance unusable for your particular trip.
  4. Rental car excess reimbursement can be hit and miss as is the devil is hidden in small print. Common catches are that only specific car types may be covered and requirements to take up specific insurance options from car rental company.
  5. Always read PDS (product disclosure statements)!

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