What is Tendernet?

Tendernet is a portal where anybody (an individual or a business) can post their expressions of interest (requests) in buying goods, services or jobs. Vendors can see and respond to requests with their offers. Whether you need a new TV or you want TV installed on your wall you are welcome to place your listing on Tendernet.

Do I have to pay for Tendernet’s services?

No. Our services are completely free of charge both for people who seek goods/services and for those who provide goods/services. There are no hidden fees whatsoever.

Do I have to create an account to post an ad (request for offer) on Tendernet?

No, you do not have to create an account to post an ad. You can post it anonymously and it will automatically expire after 30 days. All you have to do is provide us with you email address. Once somebody responds to your ad (sends an offer) you will get notified via email with vendors’s contact details and contents of the offer. Your email remains confidential and is not published anywhere on our site.

Nonetheless, we do encourage you to create an account as this enables you to:

  • browse and edit your listing;
  • extend or cancel you listing (30 days for individuals / 60 days for businesses)
  • see and rate all offers in your dashboard. Offers can be given private notes, ratings and organised by status (spoke with, visited store etc).
  • select winning vendor
  • leave feedback for winning vendor
  • leave testimonials for the site
  • participate in buyers’ pools and create ones

Do I have to create an account to send offers to requests/listings on your web-site?

No. You can send an offer without creating an account. However, creating an account enables you to:

  • keep track of the offers that you sent
  • browse listings you responded to
  • create alerts on listings per your criteria
  • receive feedback from customers
  • apply for “Trusted Business” badge

How do I get matched for a job?

You can easily do it yourself by registering an account and creating an alert based on keyword(s), your area(s) of specialization and location. Feel free to drop us a line if you need help.

Does Tendernet check identities of individuals/businesses sending offers?

Generally, no. We do verify main business details (like ABN etc) but it is physically impossible to conduct the full audit.

Similarly to eBay and Gumtree, anybody can put through offers using our web-site therefore common sense has to be used when making arrangement about prospective buy.

We do not recommend sending money to anyone you do not know. Should you decide to do so please use services offering buyers’ protection programs like Paypal. Please refer to Paypal’s terms and conditions for more details.

When meeting in person to make transaction please keep in mind personal safety. We recommend having somebody with you or meeting at a public place.

To minimise risk of fraud we have implemented ratings’ system for registered users/sellers. We encourage our members to leave feedbacks after the deal has gone through. Please also feel free to report any suspicious listing.

In addition to this, vendors may apply for a “Trusted Business” mark. In that case they will need to confirm their ABNs and give us a copy of PhotoIDs.

Please keep in mind that even if utmost care is taken, we are not able to verify 100% legitimacy of provided documents. We recommend doing your own research using ASIC site.

More about Tendernet

We also pool some requests together and ask vendors from our network to submit their best offers based on cooperative purchasing thus getting significant discounts.

Users can form their own pools using our forum. The feature can be used not only for purchasing things but also for negotiating better rates, fees, etc. For example, a few people from the same area can create a buyers pool with a view of getting cheaper local gym membership fee or even better mortgage rates.

The site can also be used by smaller business as communication platform for pooling their purchases to match buying power of larger competitors. Such groupings could reduce or even eliminate discrimination in supplier treatment of competing retailers.

Businesses are not limited only to group buying schemes. They are more than welcome to place listing on Tendernet for their procurement needs as even small price difference for say in office cleaning will end in thousands of dollars of additional expense a year.

Sellers are more than welcome to use the site for sending offers and sourcing buyers. We offer numerous search options to help them. However, they are not allowed to put sale ads on our board.

Offers received are not binding and if you can negotiate better deal with vendor directly please feel free to do so.

All our services are free of charge and neither buyers or sellers are required to pay a cent.