Number1 You create a Listing describing what you need. This is free and there is no requirement to create an account even though there are numerous advantages in doing that (ref our FAQ). By default the listing stays live for 48 hours (optimal duration to get quotes) but you can chose alternative closing date.#1

Number2Your listing gets published and the following scenarios follow:

– Vendors from our pool (verified account holders) get notified first hand about your request and may get in touch with you via email or contact phone with their quotes. We recommend leaving mobile phone number as this is usually preferred method of contact for most trades people.

– Other vendors in your area get notified via emails or simply can find your listing by using our Advanced Search. We recommend hiring vendors with verified accounts and they always get alerted about jobs.

– When we see large volume of similar jobs in one area we sort them and pool into packages that we submit to large volume sellers / services providers who are able to offer significant discounts on bulk buying / big jobs.

- We do not charge vendors any fees. There are no “bidding fees”, “winning fees”, “buying credits to bid”, “membership fees” etc. Even vendors without accounts are not required to pay anything (however, they get notified about new jobs only after verified account holders). This ensures that you are not getting quoted inflated price.
Number3You get quotes/offers to your email or mobile phone. If you have an account you can use dashboard where you can leave private notes, rate quotes, and organize them by status.

All quotes are non-binding and you can walk away at any time or use them for further negotiations.

Once the job is done / purchase is made both parties can leave feedback about each other. You can leave feedback even the job was not completed (went ahead)