How to Get Cheap Gym Membership

1. Get a FREE 7-day pass (or whatever promotion is given by gym you would like to visit);

2. Decide which membership suits you best:
– Casual
– No Contract
– Contract

3. Normally gyms will not offer you much flexibility in terms of pricing for casual and no contract memberships. However, when it comes to contract memberships it is possible to negotiate significant discounts. Discounts may reach 50% off the regular price.

For starters, you need to talk to one of their team members (personally or over the phone) and ask for their best deal. Some gyms offer special rates like “friends and family” etc so if you manage to negotiate one of those then it is a good start. Don’t forget to ask to remove the joining fee.

4. Create a pool at and wait for people to join it.

5. Once you have got a few people in the pool you can call the gym and ask for a special group deal. Even if a few guys take advantage of cooling–off period later on, you price will still stand!

Savings Tips